AFCON 2024 Final

‘Attack is the best form of defence.’ I was reminded of this last night after the Ivory Coast team defeated the Super Eagles of Nigeria in the AFCON final.

Interestingly, the latter scored first but chose to sit back to defend 1 goal which allowed the former to fully be in control of the game. And before you say Jack Robinson, they equalized and went on to mount more attacking pressure on the Super eagles who tried to gain back their attacking momentum but only for the Ivorians to score a second goal.

This new week, realize that resting on your laurels can break it – sitting back to defend that 1 ACHIEVED GOAL of getting a dream job position by your intelligence, kicking off that business with creative idea, or resuming that fitness routine, & starting that saving to invest habit because of motivation is NOT ENOUGH!

Relying on your academic intelligence that got you the job, or good reputation that got you the business deal, or past achievement that got you into that social circle as an excuse to not put in the effort at your current task or in further developing yourself is self-destructive!

In fact, to keep up your life’s momentum, once you achieve a goal, you’ve got to celebrate it but as quickly as possible move on to the next goal & go for it strategically as if that previous goal you scored doesn’t matter.

Every human is a goal-seeking being, and when you are not pursuing a new goal (because of a previous achievement), you lose momentum of clarity, creativity, confidence & capacity building.

By the way, the universe rearranges itself to make way for he who knows where he is going & is goal driven enough to go for it regardless of the challenges – this explained the Ivorian’s 2nd and winning goal. Congrats to them!

Fam, it’s time to dream again! Your next dream life or work goal is valid, and YOU DESERVE IT! Go all out for it this new week as if any past goal you achieved has expired.

You are unstoppable!
Dr Osaz

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