Do you remember those days of cassette player like this picture?
(U may google it, GenZ)

Can you remember how whenever the tape of the cassette got twistedly caught in the rollers of the radio player like in this picture, it required a great deal of painful patience, dedication to details and creative thinking to successfully remove it?

Any small error led to a cut tape which distorted the music, and if it’s your dad’s favourite music, God help your soul! LOL.

Have you also ever thought of the fact that the painful ordeal of repeated patient & careful untwisting & removing of the cassette tape contributed to the formation of some needed problem solving skills in you today?

This new week, realize that your present challenge with your economy or relationship or career is not designed to end you – it’s building some needed strengths in you for your desired future.

So, count it all joys when your faith is tested, for it will produce perseverance, which when it’s fully processed, it births maturity & completion in you for your purpose. (James 1 : 2 – 3)

It’s about to be a fulfilling week for you – rise up and show up for it.

You are unstoppable!
Dr Osaz.

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