Monday Motivation

Look at the above picture!

Still or Moving?

Oh oh! It’s moving, right? (or call it shaking or vibrating)

But you know it’s a picture and not meant to move.

Ok, let me help you out of the confusion – the painter utilized colours to paint a pattern that mimicks a moving experience of yours that you’ve seen repeatedly and your brain has registered – the spreading out of water ripples when a stone or an object drops into a pond of water.

So, when you looked at the above picture, your brain gives to you what’s stored in your head (the impression of movement), not what’s on your screen. You ‘gerrit’ now?

In life, you must realize that you don’t see a situation as it is, you see it as you are (how you’ve been programmed)!

What you call the end of the road may just be a bend!

What you call problems may just be opportunities!

This new week, resolve to stop being a victim of your hijacked imagination/perception!

Start questioning the way you see the present economic challenge because the real problem is how you see the problem, not the problem in itself.

It’s another fresh opportunity to make your dream happen, regardless of the challenges. Rise up to show up!

Your dream is valid!

And you are unstoppable!
Dr Osaz

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