Monday Motivation

(Watch this short video of this cute & confident catwalking baby girl)

What struck you as the main difference between her and other kids on the glass bridge?

While other kids clung to the bridge’s side frame, held unto their parent, or laid down on the glass in fear mixed with some doubts about their safety, she strut through with class & confidence beaming with cute smile to become the centre of attention for all.

She definitely chose to gratefully enjoy the special moment regardless of the uncertainties about the height and safety of the glass bridge.

At the core of every human are some human needs, and CERTAINTY is one of our most powerful need: We want to be sure what is coming next. But while we do need some certainty in our lives, we also need uncertainty for our proper mental development.

However, many have allowed the FEAR OF UNCERTAINTY prevents them from enjoying special moments in their life – It’s even stopped them from getting out of their comfort zones as it tells them, “You might as well stay here, where it’s safe;” or even reminds them of “A bird at hand is better than thousands in the bush.”

This new week, realize that FEAR & ‘JOYTITUDE’ (JOY + GRATITUDE) CAN NOT CO-EXIST! Be grateful for where you are, and resolve to enjoy all it has to offer regardless of your doubts and uncertainties. This is your secret power for achievements in the midst of today’s numerous uncertainties.

It’s another new week with fresh opportunities to live your best life – wake up from your doubts, rise up above the uncertainties, & show up with the CLASSY & CONFIDENT version of yourself for your CUTE dream – it is valid!

You are unstoppable!
Dr Osaz.

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