Monday Motivation

(First watch this 10-sec video)

I once worked with a young executive who lost his job while also struggling with a little side business he had. He was fast losing his confidence, happiness, optimism, kindness, and respect for himself and others, while sinking in depression when he booked an appointment with me.

After an intense session, it became crystal clear that his career & business goals were driven by EGO, not purpose, and this is the ‘demon’ he needed to tame. He was so full of ‘what his friends will think, how his girlfriend will see him, etc’ that for 2 years, he kept rejecting job offers that he perceived were below his level. He also kept pumping his energy & little savings into a business that only solves a problem most people don’t value & are not willing to pay for, just because of maintaining the ‘dignified title’ of a CEO.

Ego-driven pursuit is like wearing that approval-seeking mask, worn by so many of us in chasing goals for the external recognition (of our intellect or worth) it will bring to us.

The big challenge with this is that it makes it difficult to recover from a failure or a setback (when it happens at one point in our life) because you’ve been tirelessly working towards a goal set for you by others (albeit unknowingly) to please them or be validated by them.

This new week, realize that when you hit obstacles in your life, you may find yourself humbled, but at that moment you have a choice: stick with your old ego-driven perspective, or transcend it?

‘What will others say’ has stopped many from bouncing back or even pushed many into depression or their early grave?

As the video implies, switching on your happiness & optimism becomes impossible until you switch off your ego.

It’s another opportunity to create your life’s happy story, go make it happen by being driven by purpose (your life’s vision), not ego.

You are unstoppable!
Dr Osaz

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