Monday Motivation

(Please watch this short & funny but learning-packed video first)

We all subconsciously learnt how to cope with difficult challenges/trauma while growing up with responses like fighting back, flying away, freezing or fawning for survival.

We subconsciously learnt to respond to:

  • REJECTION with people pleasing (fawn) or social avoidance (flight);
  • ⁠FAILURE with comfort zone syndrome (freeze) or risk aversion (flight);
  • ⁠BROKEN TRUST with paranoia (fight) or phobia for vulnerability (flight);
  • ⁠POVERTY with scarcity mindset in pull-others-down syndrome (fight), or servile mentality or sycophancy (fawn).

However, as we grow further up, we fail to realise that whats supposed to be a coping mechanism for safety & survival at a stage in our life can not be fit for chasing success and significance in a later part of our life.

And since we’ve repeatedly practiced these survival coping mechanisms, they’ve become automatic behaviours that we NOW habitually do while pursuing our career/business/life goals.

So, when they fail to deliver our desired goal, we get frustrated & demotivated just like the little baby in the video that repeatedly & ignorantly tried to use what was designed for playing as a toy at a stage in his life as what can be worn for walking at another stage in his life, just because they look alike.

It’s time to gain awareness (conscious) of what and how your childhood trauma (unconscious) has hijacked your behaviours & results in your finances, work, relationships, or health, so you can start taking responsibility for healing and transforming yourself for your life’s goal.

“It’s insanity to do the same thing the same way over and over again, and expect a different result.” Albert Einstein

This new week, resolve to be sincere with yourself in identifying the mindset or attitude that is not working for your health, marriage, finance, business, or job even though you’ve practised them for years, and tell yourself it’s time for a change – it’s time to go out more – it’s time to dream bigger – it’s time to open my heart up for love – it’s time to fearlessly collaborate – it’s time to take some smart risks in pushing myself out there, etc.

It’s a week of fresh opportunities to be taken by anyone, go for them with a positive mindset and nothing-is-impossible attitude.

Your dream is legal!

And you are unstoppable!
Dr Osaz.

PS: Watch out for THE HEALING CONFERENCE (a Trauma Resolution & Recovery Summit) this June 30 (2pm).

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