Monday Motivation

(First watch this short & funny video)

Often times, I’ve seen some leaders implied to their subordinates, or parents implied to their children, ‘do as I say, don’t do as I do’ because they are aversed to their unproductive behaviour consciously or unconsciously finding expression in those they lead.

And just like the above video where the little boy only did what the father did with his right leg by holding it to kick the ball, instead of what the father instructed (to directly kick the ball), we all daily face a similar battle between the goals we tell ourselves we want, and what we actually do.

You want financial freedom but habitually practise zero accountability with your income.

You want relationship bliss but habitually do things that widen the communication gap with your partner.

You want business growth but habitually treat employees/customers like thrash.

You want an accelerated career growth but habitually procrastinate on tasks & even self development courses.

Many have become demotivated in life because of unmet goals not because of any demon/‘village people’ but simply because their conscious mind’s goals and desires are out of alignment with their subconscious habits and beliefs. Psychologists call this neural dissonance.

This new week, realize that there is a little child in you (your subconscious mind) that won’t do what you consciously want (your desired goals), but only do what you believe & value, and until your beliefs and values align with your desired goal, you will keep self-sabotaging.

If you don’t like the results in your life, check your beliefs (assumptions) & values (priorities)!

If you believe in ‘perfect time or mood’ to get things done, you will keep procrastinating!

If you believe you are a ‘man of war’ in your relationship (a.k.a indasboki bahose), you will keep being aggressive and widening the communication gap.

If you believe you can’t be questioned on your business, you’ll keep having issues with your employees/customers.

It’s another opportunity to make this week a highly rewarding one – go make it happen with this renewed mindset: Change your belief, change your result!

You are unstoppable!
Dr Osaz

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